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          1. Recommended Products

            Recommended Products

            ABOUT US

            Shaoxing Siwell Plastics Engineering & Technology co., Ltd is located in the state-level hi-tech development zone - Paojiang industrial zone. The company relies on colleges and universities’ science and technology, bringing together many experts and technical personnel  in this industry, and be committed to squeeze out the maturity and development of plastic industry in our country with all the colleagues.

            Siwell is professional at design and manufacture of plastic extrusion moulds, special plastic machinery, with all-round to carry out the research and development, production and processing, marketing and socialization of technology transfer and other supporting services. Siwell adopts today's advanced and mature extrusion design concept in development and manufacture of various kinds of plastic extrusion moulds, and actively ally foreign experts together to discuss and try more front end design thought.

            Company Advantage

            Company Advantage


            Quality assurance

            In the development and production of all kinds of plastic extrusion die, the company adopts mature extrusion design concept, and actively discusses and trial produces more front-end design with foreign experts.

            Professional team

            Professional and technical team, to provide you with customized services, according to the drawings and samples provided by customers to design and manufacture products that meet the requirements.

            Easy delivery

            In addition to providing high quality extrusion die to customers all over the world, we also provide technical support to users in all aspects including formula, process, product detection, design and manufacture of special equipment.
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