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          1. Cooperation


            We, a group of young people, a young company

            We, hardworking, conscientious, striving, innovating

            Combine university science with craft brother’s cooperation, we are striving for the maturity and development of plastic industry. Especially for exclusive extrusion moulds field which is feeble in China right now, we are more cautions and conscientious. We have young technician group with high experience guarantee the moulds’ progressiveness and appropriateness; We have much experience of high technique in this field guarantee the reliability and integrity of moulds’ quality; We have consciousness and policy of modern corporation prompt company’s flourish development. But all these above are not enough. Company’s development needs much more cooperation with other corporations. As a fast developing high technology company, we need you join in. If you have any advantage, never on technology, marking, capital, project, etc, and no matter where you are from, we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory for business discussing if you have such intention. And we will create considerable invest respond for you.

            You can also send your cooperation wishes to: siwell@si-well.com

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